Back to Great Skin : Acne Treatment

Back to Great Skin : Acne Treatment

Acne is a skin problem that afflicts not just teenagers and young adults but for older adults as well in their  40′s. Many people would go thorough any means just to find the right treatment for their acne.

It’s important to consult a certified dermatologist or skin specialist before using any product. Doctors can actually guide you thorough how to deal with acne. But if you try to self medicate or experiment with different products, you might end up getting your acne worst than it already is.

Skin Types

Before starting any treatment, it’s important to identify your type of skin necessary in determining which product would be most effective treatment. Skin could be normal, oily, dry or a combination of both oily and dry. Certain base products works for specific skin types and should not be inter changed.

  • Alcohol based solutions  –  are best for oily skin, obviously it counteracts the skins ph levels, making it less oily.
  • Aqueous solutions  –  are water based and alcohol free, so it’s best for normal to dry skin. It’s also less irritating compared to alcohol  based solutions, and has a high moisturizer level.
  • Creams  –  are less greasy, so it’s good for normal to oily types of skin.
  • Foams  – best for normal to oily type of skin.
  • Gels  –  also best for normal to oily skin.
  • Lotions  –  has high moisturizer components and suitable for all skin types.
  • Ointment  -can be slightly on the greasy side that’s why it works best for normal to dry skin.

General Treatment

For the usual type of mild typical acne, a general treatment would include topical solution, and an over the counter medication. These would be a facial cleanser, a toner, salicylic  acid and benzoyl peroxide which all normally works for oily skin since it’s alcohol based and oil free. You need  to use these 4 different products in 3 easy steps daily. First in the morning, use a facial cleanser to wash your face. Second,  use a toner to remove excess dirt, oil or cleanser residue from your face. And third, after the toner apply salicylic acid to prevent pores from clogging. In the evening, repeat using the facial cleanser and toner, but use an exfoliant instead of salicylic acid, and finish of with a 10% benzoyl peroxide.

Types of Acne Treatment

There are 3 types of acne treatment : acne medications (prescription ad non-prescription), over the counter treatments and natural & home remedies.

Here is an overview of 5 of the top acne treatments in the market :

  1. Zenmed –  works fast by removing acne breakouts in only 2 to 3 weeks. It’s also made popular because of its unique quality by eliminating the source of irritation which could be the leading cause of some acne.
  2. Exposed –  this is an acne treatment product that works best for cystic acne and maintaining the skin to be acne free. It was formulated by experts both in dermatology and organic chemistry that’s why it’s hypoallergenic and mild enough for people with extra sensitive skin.
  3. Proactiv  –  was developed for usually severe cases of acne and is the highest selling anti-acne treatment in the US today. It’s highly in demand for adults with acne in their late 20′s or 30′s.
  4. Triclear –  is a 3 step acne solution formula consist of a purifying cleanser, repairing gel, and revitalizing cream that not only treats and heals acne but also prevents it.
  5. Dermagist –  is considered a high quality treatment for acne because it can be used for all skin types for all ages. Not only it has fast results but it restores the skins nutrients which acne prone skin really needs.

Several acne products that are effective in treating acne are available in the market with several options to choose from. Product reviews are available all over the net, it takes only several clicks to keep you from being acne prone to acne free, acne treatment is just around the corner, there’s basically no reason to not have a cure for acne.